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If your belly up, let us straighten you out!

Let us keep you where you belong.  In the field!

  • Low Shop Rates
  • High Quality Parts
  • Competitive Flat Rates
  • Lower Costs means higher production for YOU!


  • Customer Guidance Inspections
  • Full point inspections are available on any machine, any time, any where.  Thats right.  We can come to you and do an inspection on your machine, or machines.  We are the only shop that offers "Customer Guidance."  Sometimes you want to do the work but you just don't quite know what to fix or how to fix it.  You have several options.  We can come inspect your machine, give you step by step instructions on what we feel is the proper steps in getting you going. Or, maybe you know whats wrong but need a few pointers in getting the technical stuff out of the way.  
    • Inspection plus guidance/ This is a 2 day event.
      • $500 includes inspection on day 1.
      • $650 for "S" series machines
      • walk around and guidance day 2.
      • additional time is $85/hr including drive time to site.
    • Guidance Only
      • $85/hr plus drive time to sit

    Traditional inspections are also available. 

    Includes Full point inspection.  We look at everything!

    • Priority Quotes
      • Quotes are broke down into levels of priority.
      • You the customer can pick and choose what is most important now and what is important later.
    • Walk around
      • Any part of the inspection can be gone over and discussed about before repairs are performed. 
      • Its important the customer knows what we are fixing and understands why it needs repaired.
    • Rates
      • $500 for Complete Inspection
      • $650 for "S" series machines
      • This is one of the most indepth inspections you will ever receive.  We go as far as taking belts loose to spin all shafts and augers.  If it isn't within new specifications you will know about it.
      • Special Promos and discounts are always available.  Call and ask for Details.
Shop Rates
  • $85/hr.
  • Flat Rates on most repairs.
    • Means you pay what everyone else does for the same job!
    • Fair labor cost- You dont pay the tech for part searching, tool searching, or shootin' the "Bull"
  • Fair and Straight Warranty Policy
    • If I break it, didn't fix it, or it didn't last, I get to do it again!
    • Repairs are warranted through the first full crop harvest. 
    • If the machine sets for 6 months before you use it and something I fixed breaks do to my repair process, I will repair it until it is correct.
    • Parts I install all have manufatured warranty.  Parts that fail will be inspected to determine if it is parts failure or repair failure.
    • If Combine Specialities repairs any job and is not given a chance to fix a failure, Combine Specialties is not liable for any expenses acquired to repair the failure.
Parts Policy

All jobs will be quoted and priced before any final work will be done.  Your machine may need to be disassembled to inspect for a parts quote.   The initial parts quote will need to be payed before any parts are ordered for your machine.  Any aditional parts that may be needed along the way will be dealt with as needed.  We are a small shop and some parts get to be a bit spendy.  Any additional parts that are needed will need to be payed within 30 days of the receiving date of the invoice.  Sorry for any inconveience. 

Hauling is Available!

We have several different company's that are available in hauling your machinery to our shop.  They are professional, courteous, and well educated in transporting heavy equipment.  Oversized hauls are also available for larger articulated tractors and extra tall and wide combines.  Combine Specialties is contracting this service out. 

Special Discounts and Payment Options

Combine Specialties is offering discount shop rates for those who pay on a net 30 day basis.  Any invoice that is payed within 30 days of the recieved date will get a $10 per hour discount off their labor bill. 

We also offer a payment option for labor ONLY.  The labor bill of the invoice may be payed after your next crop harvest.  Example-  If we repair your machine in January you have until July 31 of the same year to pay your labor bill with the current shop rate.  If we repair your machine After July 1st you have until Dec 31 of the same year to finalize your bill. 

Feel free to call and ask for more details!

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